The Foundation is constantly developing diverse partnerships to amplify our reach and impact.

Together, we build links within our community and beyond our shores. We seek to leverage the combined expertise and network of our partnerships. We will engender a more dynamic arts ecosystem. Through regular consultation, we are jointly accountable for meeting key project milestones and for securing success.

Priority is given to collaborations that: 1) Generate high impact; 2) Build capabilities; and, 3) Are able to co-fundraise. Find out more about some of our current partnerships and how you can get involved.

Artistes & Arts Groups

Acting as a venture capitalist in the arts space, The Foundation has worked with a leading local artists; brokering collaborations, commissioning works, building capabilities, and more. Here are some of the artistes and arts groups we support.

Institutional Partnerships

By paving an increasingly complex network of pathways with like-minded institutions, we amplify our respective spheres of influence towards common goals. Read about some of our partnerships and collaborative efforts below.


The arts is a catalyst that drives innovation. Arts creation is at the core of The Foundation’s ambition to cultivate Singapore’s creative economy through original works and multidisciplinary arts projects working together with artistes and network of patrons.

Venue Partners

Venues are critical nodes in the ecosystem as they provide a recurrent performance platform for our local musicians. In addition they can become spaces to promote cultural exchange between international artists and the local community via performances, masterclasses and more.