About the Artist

weish is a multidisciplinary artist whose work takes many shapes. She forms part of electropop duo .gif, prog/math group sub:shaman, audiovisual collective Syndicate, and experimental ensemble RATA Orkestra. She is also an associate artist at Checkpoint Theatre, with whom she practises sound design, music directing, and dramatic writing.

Occupying a peculiar space in the cross section of pop, indie, rock and experimental scenes, weish has collaborated extensively with myriad artists across genres — from Charlie Lim and Pleasantry to The Observatory and Bani Haykal. International collaborations also saw her building sound art installations in London, jamming with DJs in Tokyo, and co-writing with Israeli composer Ishai Adar for the award-winning film, Shirkers.

As a performer, weish has helmed stages around the world, from Sundance Film Festival to Laneway Festival, Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, and other festivals across Australia and Asia.

How We Helped

weish joins the UTOPIA Reimagined Series, an annual music commissioning programme of award-winning local musicians and artists, to reimagine the Singapore-inspired UTOPIA Symphony in their own styles.

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