Coming Up Roses

About the Artist

Weaving their songs out of their adolescent experiences, alt-rock trio Coming Up Roses balances the worlds of child-like innocence and idealism with the revelations that come with adulthood.

Combining elements of folk, grunge and shoegaze, the band manifests their emotions through the use of evocative vocal melodies and expansive sonic textures.

Citing influences such as Wolf Alice and The Joy Formidable, Coming Up Roses is fronted by vocalist-bassist Emily Sera and completed by guitarists Darius Oon and Lorenzo Romero.

Since forming in 2018, their catchy melodies, energetic songs, and engaging audience interaction have earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in the region – performing at international showcases and festivals including Music Matters Live, Fred Perry Subculture and Canadian Music Week.

In early 2019, Coming Up Roses issued their debut EP, ‘Waters’, to wide acclaim. In 2021, the vinyl release of ‘Waters’ was well received internationally, with its first press selling out in less than 24 hours.

How We Helped

Moving forward, the band takes a leap of faith; releasing their sophomore EP ‘Everything Is’ and leaving the shores of Singapore to pursue a career in music in the UK.

Coming Up Roses joins the UTOPIA Reimagined Series, an annual music commissioning programme of award-winning local musicians and artists to reimagine the Singapore-inspired UTOPIA Symphony in their own styles.

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