About the Artist

OHMYMEITING is a singer-songwriter hailing from sunny Singapore. Not afraid to transverse different genres, including pop, R&B, and ballads, her music offers a refreshing take on your usual Mandopop.

She first caught attention with her debut EP《別擔心!我不是壞人》in 2018 and has since churned out favourites, including 《住在天狼星的那個人 》, which hit Taiwanese listening platform StreetVoice at #1, as well as 《巴黎的十 二 點》 in collaboration with K-pop producer Gen Neo, which hit #3 on the Global Chinese Golden Chart.

With her light-hearted tunes and witty lyrics, the songbird spreads both empathy and cheer through her music.

How We Helped

OHMYMEITING joins the UTOPIA Reimagined Series, an annual music commissioning programme of award-winning local artists and bands to reimagine the Singapore-inspired UTOPIA Symphony in their own styles.

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