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OHMYMEITING’s journey as a first-time mother inspires her song


Cover artwork 'Possession' by Dr. Yanyun Chen for OHMYMEITING's UTOPIA Reimagined: Silent Sea

Singapore, 24 March 2023 – Singapore mandopop singer-songwriter OHMYMEITING’s first foray into a commission by The Foundation provided her the opportunity to turn her inspiration as a first-time mother into composing a gift of song for her daughter. Titled UTOPIA Reimagined: Silent Sea, the song was conceived out of her comfort zone, exploring a new genre of music in collaboration with musician and producer Charlie Lim.

The commission by The Foundation is another milestone in OHMYMEITING’s journey as an artist, opening a new pathway as she interprets her own version of utopia through her song. She follows the footsteps of her predecessor, acclaimed Singaporean singer, Joanna Dong, who was part of the first edition of UTOPIA Reimagined.

“I envisioned the peacefulness of being in a protective environment of a mother’s womb, away from the chaos of the outside world. I wanted to convey the tranquillity, peace and longing for a loved one through the melody and lyrics of my song. For me, that is utopia,” says OHMYMEITING about the piece. “I hope this song resonates with everyone out there who is also on a new journey in their lives, or simply needs a respite from everything that’s going on.”

OHMYMEITING, whose real name is Ng Mei Ting, 32, is the second artist to release a single commissioned by The Foundation for its UTOPIA Reimagined series for 2023. Charlie Lim’s experience from the first edition of UTOPIA Reimagined helped her to weave her creative style with the UTOPIA Symphony.

“It was refreshing getting to work with Mei Ting on her track for the Utopia Reimagined series. Her natural lyricism and strong sense of melody really carried the whole recording and production process. We ended up writing a lot of the parts and arrangement on the go, and experimented with layering her vocals more than she’s used to, which I think really helped to bring the song to life.” Said Charlie Lim.

“While many may see utopia as something we strive to achieve, for OHMYMEITING, utopia exists at the starting point of life in a mother’s womb. As a mother, this really puts things in perspective for me,” says Dawn Wong, Projects Director for The Foundation. “These stories are exactly what we had hoped to uncover through the Reimagined series. And now the world will get to hear them.”

For the second edition of UTOPIA Reimagined, The Foundation has commissioned Coming Up Roses, OHMYMEITING, weish and Dru Chen to come up with new music based on the UTOPIA symphony. Through these collaborations, The Foundation aims to empower artists to make an impact not just locally but on a regional and global scale.


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OHMYMEITING is a singer-songwriter hailing from sunny Singapore. Not afraid to traverse different genres, including pop, R&B, and ballads, her music offers a refreshing take on your usual Mandopop.

She first caught attention with her debut EP《別擔心!我不是壞人》in 2018 and has since churned out favourites, including 《住在天狼星的那個人》, which hit Taiwanese listening platform StreetVoice at #1, as well as 《巴黎的十二點》 in collaboration with K-pop producer Gen Neo, which hit #3 on the Global Chinese Golden Chart.

With her light-hearted tunes and witty lyrics, the songbird spreads both empathy and cheer through her music.

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