Kenny Low

About the Artist

Kenny’s work is an expression of how religions in Singapore coexist side by side in this small city, morphing religious buildings together to form new ones. Kenny’s attempt at the mutation of religious buildings is a statement as to how he view Singapore as a ‘one’ religion country.

How We Helped

The Foundation is working with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to feature a stunning art work by Kenny Low for the album cover for the UTOPIA Symphony. Kenny’s reputation as an upcoming graphic artist will become global.

The Foundation Kenny Low Utopia artwork

New World Rising: This is Kenny’s second series of prints since “Under the Influence of Little Boy and Fat Man”. The connection and style carries on themes from his previous work — the mutation of Singapore’s buildings with Japanese influences. However, this time Kenny explores the topic of religion in Singapore, using the symbolism of the religious buildings scattered throughout the country. Being a multi-racial society, we are exposed to many different religions in Singapore. Has this exposure blurred the lines between Monotheistic religions? Have some of us inadvertently become Polytheists?

UTOPIA Reimagined

Kenny Low, who did the album art for the London Philharmonic Orchestra release, will also provide the album art for the UTOPIA Series.

UTOPIA Reimagined Charlie Lim

“Into Dreams” by Charlie Lim

UTOPIA Reimagined Kenny Low

《第一章》by Joanna Dong

UTOPIA Reimagined Kenny Low

“Euphoria” by Aisyah Aziz

UTOPIA Reimagined ShiGGA Shay Kenny Low

“uTopia reimagined: chasing” by ShiGGa Shay