Institutional Partners

Foundation Music

About the Partnership

The key function of our long-term relationship with Foundation Music (FM) is to identify and actualise opportunities to facilitate the export of our top local music talent.


support local musicians and artists

One of our earliest partners, FM was established by a team of individuals in the music business industry to support The Foundation’s portfolio of music artists in their development.

Foundation Music is a music management agency that is based in Singapore, connecting our artists with audiences around Asia and the world. FM was formed in 2015 by music industry veterans who pooled their experience and passion to help shatter glass ceilings for this generation of young music talents.

Together with their record label Umami Records, the team juggles the roles of artist management, artist booking, strategic planning, tour management as well as music production, distribution and label services, to grow the fan base for their artists in key international music markets.

Working Local, Going Global

In 2019, with the backing of The Foundation, Foundation Music was able to support their artists’ international projects, including a tour of Taiwan and Japan for Charlie Lim, and a US and UK tour for Linying. They were also able to launch our first Umami Sounds on the Road initiative, bringing Singaporean artists brb., The Steve McQueens, HubbaBubbas and M1LDL1FE on a showcase tour in Bangkok, Taiwan and Japan.