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Singapore director Alvin Lee wins at China’s Golden Rooster Awards by The Straits Times


Foundation for The Arts Singapore director Alvin Lee

Photo Credit: Alvin Lee

Local director Alvin Lee has won an award at China’s Golden Rooster Awards.

His work, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, was one of 10 winners for best short film last Friday evening.

Although there were 10 winners, Lee was the only film-maker from overseas. The jury is headed by Chinese actor Huang Bo.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is a dark comedy about a series of events played out between an undertaker and three siblings at their father’s wake, after a mix-up leads to the wrong body getting sent for cremation. The film stars Wang Weiliang, Benjamin Heng, Priscelia Chan and Oon Shu An.

Lee was unable to fly to Xiamen, China, to attend the ceremony due to the pandemic.