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Podcast: You Play A What? Interview with Dawn Wong


The Foundation's Dawn Wong Jazz Singer

“This week on YPAW, I am joined by Jazz songstress, Dawn Wong. Dawn is no stranger to the spotlight, appearing on prime-time television as a participant of Project Superstar 2. Since then she was continued to take her career on an upward trajectory, receiving the Music Scholarship offered by the Jazz Association (Singapore) and graduating top of class at La Salle College of the Arts.

The work that Dawn has created and put up over the years have been truly remarkable and adding on to her already diverse portfolio, Dawn took on the role of Project Director of The One Million Towards Utopia campaign by The Foundation.In this episode, we spoke about performing on live television and dealing with negative feedback, her role as Project Director of the One Million Towards Utopia movement by The Foundation and what is it about, the difference that The Foundation seeks to make. The relevance of the arts in our daily lives, her musical journey and career developments, creating her own musical identity and style. Keeping her creative muscle working in tough times, the creation of Jazz for Kids, the creative process behind her album, Marco Lopo. Growing your work/career as an artist/musician.”

– Vincent, You Play A What?

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