Utopia Reimagined: Euphoria, an interview with Aisyah, RHAUN & Adir Kaisan


About UTOPIA Reimagined Series

Singapore soul singer Aisyah Aziz’s new single titled Euphoria was released 29 October on major digital platforms, the second in the UTOPIA Reimagined Series – an initiative by the Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise.

Aisyah’s single is the second of four scheduled to be released progressively in the coming months, following Joanna Dong’s 《The First Chapter》, which was released last month. Written by Aisyah, co-writer RHAUN & producer Adir Kaisan (Cosmic Owls), Euphoria is their take on Vladimir Martynov’s UTOPIA Symphony that was recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra on its own LPO label and released last November.

Find out more about UTOPIA Reimagined, as well as the One Million Towards UTOPIA campaign →

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Video produced, shot and edited by Dynn Othman
Words: Aisyah, RHAUN
Composer: Aisyah Aziz, RHAUN, Adir Kaisan
Arranger: Aisyah Aziz, RHAUN, Adir Kaisan
Producers: Adir Kaisan, RHAUN, Charlie Lim
Additional Vocals: RHAUN, Aisyah Aziz
Musicians: Adir Kaisan, Charlie Lim
Additional Vocals: RHAUN Recording, Mix, and Mastering
Engineer: Becki Whitton
Recording and Mastering Studio: Becki Whitton
“UTOPIA Reimagined” Executive Music Producer: Charlie Lim
Artiste Management: Patrick Anthony Chan
Distributor: Where Are The Fruits
Commissioned by the Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise