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UTOPIA Reimagined Joanna Dong

Photo Credit: UWeekly

Joanna Dong “Chapter One”

The Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise initiated a music project called UTOPIA Reimagined. Her single “Chapter One” reinterpreted the UTOPIA Symphony by the Russian composer Martynov inspired by Singapore; and, the lyrics were taken from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, so the song is entitled “Chapter One”.

The lyrics are of western music and the East. The arrangement is a combination of string and guitar. The strong conflict reflects an abrupt sense of beauty. However, this song can be very aggressive whether it is lyrics or the arrangement. It can be a challenge for a singer if interpreted too distinctively as the whole song will become a farce.

But Joanna Dong made a very smart decision. Joanna’s singing voice can be very gentle and ethereal, and her jazz skills allow her to firmly capture the listener’s ears, but overall there is no eagerness to overwhelm the dissonance of lyrics and music.

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