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The business of the arts by The Business Times


arts and business The Business Times

While governments can provide the conditions for the expansion of the arts space, it is business that will make the arts world go round. By Michael Tay and Dawn Wong

Imagine waking up to a world without the arts. You open a book and you are staring at empty pages. You take your remote control and alas, there is no content on your television. Switch on the radio and you hear only static.

The arts is such an essential part of our lives. It is the creative impulse that pervades everything we do. yet, it is the aspect of life that we most take for granted.

Remember, when, in the earlier days of the pandemic, there was some controversy surrounding a local survey that described the arts as “non-essential”?

Just as we underestimate the value of the arts to our personal lives, we are also barely aware of the nexus between the arts and business which exists and intersects at many levels.