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Singapore Magazine: A Stage for Singapore

July 1, 2018 | In The News

first heard the work of avant-garde composer Vladimir Martynov in 2004, when I was the Singapore ambassador to Russia. Listening to a performance of one of his scores at the City Hall in Moscow, I found his music very moving, and felt he deserved a wider audience. He hadn’t wanted to leave Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union, and that decision cost him.

I plucked up the courage and asked if he would compose a string-quartet piece for Singapore (that would be affordable and relatively easy for me to stage). He said yes. I invited him to Singapore to meet our ethnic musicians and music lecturers, and to experience Singapore for himself.

After two weeks he came back and said: “It needs to be an orchestral piece. Singapore represents something the Soviet Union could not achieve. The Soviet Union was trying to create utopia on earth, but it failed. Singapore thinks of utopia as the journey, and this is what makes Singapore big. Don’t think of yourself as a small country.”



Two local arts lovers Kris Tan and Michael Tay have individually set up arts foundations to support young, local musical talents, and through music, bring Singapore to the global stage.

The Straits Times: A Virtual Tribute To Ode To Joy

The Foundation is proud to be a supporting partner of Beethoven Im Garten 2020 with the German Embassy in Singapore. Due to the impact of COVID-19, this year’s concert in the park has taken on a digital incarnation. Read about the project in this article from official media partner, The Straits Times.

GMX Trio x The Steve McQueens

The Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise proudly presented GMX Trio's debut performance in Singapore at Voilah! Festival 2019 with a two-night, double-bill concert that also shone the spotlight on Singapore's very own neofuture jazz outfit The Steve McQueens....