The Anti-Gala Foundation Party 2017

May 23, 2017 | Highlights

The inaugural Anti-Gala was the first charity event of its kind in Singapore. Aiming to subvert the typical charity gala, which often leads to more investments in opulence than the objects of charity, the Anti-Gala is a party like no other.

In its first edition, we raised more than $100,000 through tickets, donations and a silent auction.

The silent auction featured beautiful local works like “Chanting: Rosary 2015” by sculptor Kumari Nahappan. A piece titled “Family” by Singaporean painter ‘Outsider’ (Eric Leong) was successfully auctioned as a donation to the Assumption Pathway School, which caters for special needs students.

Guests were also entertained by music artists we support like Charlie Lim, Linying and Soprano Christina The.



Two local arts lovers Kris Tan and Michael Tay have individually set up arts foundations to support young, local musical talents, and through music, bring Singapore to the global stage.

The Straits Times: A Virtual Tribute To Ode To Joy

The Foundation is proud to be a supporting partner of Beethoven Im Garten 2020 with the German Embassy in Singapore. Due to the impact of COVID-19, this year’s concert in the park has taken on a digital incarnation. Read about the project in this article from official media partner, The Straits Times.

GMX Trio x The Steve McQueens

The Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise proudly presented GMX Trio's debut performance in Singapore at Voilah! Festival 2019 with a two-night, double-bill concert that also shone the spotlight on Singapore's very own neofuture jazz outfit The Steve McQueens....