Future Projects

The Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise’s efforts to explore the impact of how a private sector-led, nonprofit platform can develop and promote the arts and socially-oriented programs in Singapore have been positive.

We have incubated and developed new talent, raised private and public funds for our initiatives, and will continue to seek new partnerships in the arts space, beginning with music as a conduit; moving to elevate visual, literacy and dramatic arts in the near future.

The Foundation’s ambitious, first-of-its-kind “venture capitalist” approach in the arts space requires the ongoing dedication of private-public partnerships to create new framework models for sustainability and growth of the arts. Our goal is to take transformative rather than incremental steps to ensure the long-term success of our projects and participants.

Take a look at some of The Foundation’s future projects below. They offer the opportunity for private funders, corporates, organizations, cultural institutions and government agencies to participate and make a direct impact in shaping the future of Singapore’s arts space.

If you would like to participate as a patron of one of our future projects below or have your own interest in the arts, get in touch with us.

Asia Book Prize

Future Projects

Iconic Initiatives // A 5-year initiative that will give annual recognition...